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I have been collecting arrowheads and American Indian artifacts since about (1957). Over the years since, my father and I have walked over the fields and pastures of Comanche County,Texas searching for artifacts. We have gathered a fairly large collection of interesting specimens. All of our finds have been surface finds from private property. A large number of the points came from our own private land and others came from our neighbors' or friends' properties with their permission.

For about the last sixteen years I have attended many trade shows around Texas where I have traded for and bought many rare and interesting specimens. The pieces we have picked up ourselves are authentic and any of the more important ones I have bought I have had authenticated by a well-known scientist in the field.

To help explain a little better what the artifacts shown here really are, here is a short discussion of the cultural periods of the American Indian. The Paleo period covers an enormous archaeological time span which goes back from 9000 years ago to 40,000 years before the present time. The Archaic period goes back from approximately 3000 years ago to the start of the Paleo eras 9000 years ago. The more recent periods are the Woodland and Mississippian periods which go from about 400 years ago to 3000 years ago.

I am showing a few Paleo points here and the Castroville-Marshall-Marcos points are from the mid-Archaic to Woodland periods (6000 - 1200 years before present time). The dates are only approximations but do give some idea of the antiquity of these artifacts.

In a much more modern light, you might consider this. The small Harrell- Washita points range from only 5/8 inch to 1-1/2 inch long. Your jeweler can easily make a gold wire attachment to make a very attractive one-of-a- kind ladies necklace pendant from these points. Many of the Texas "Bird" points would also be suitable for ladies jewelry.

We have many more specimens than the ones shown here. If you are looking for something you don't see please contact us - we may have what you are looking for. Also, if you have an Indian artifact collection to sell or Indian artifacts to trade I would be interested in talking to you.

I know my collection pretty well and it is my policy that if you are dissatisfied with anything you have bought I will refund your money if you return the piece to me unchanged and unbroken within fourteen days. In other words, I would be happy to return it to my collection.

I have great interest in all things related to American Indian history and culture. I belong to the following organizations:

American Society of Amateur Archaeology
South Texas Archaeological Association
Genuine Indian Relic Society (founded in 1964)
Central States Archaeological Society

I believe that amateur archaeology has made important contributions to the scientific world over the past fifty years. Without the "eyes" of amateur collectors many important sites would not have been discovered. But I feel that collecting should be limited to "disturbed areas" i.e. plowed fields, creeks, rivers, etc and that digging of any kind should be done by or with supervision of local archaeologists.


Here is an educational article published by Southern Methodist University that tells of archaeological findings in Texas with some isights into the prehistoric past:

Joe Pool Lake

Here is another educational article giving a concise history and discussion of American Indians:

Native Americans of North America

A great website on the Mississipian/Caddoan cultures - click on the banner to visit:

When you get tired of reading these please come back and see me again. (Pat Dunnegan)

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